Concert Uniforms

Band 1 — Members of this ensemble will wear black pants, black closed-toed shoes, and a their purple Band Polo. 

Band 2 — Members of this ensemble will wear their Purple Band Polo for the combined Past-Present-Future Game in the fall. All other performance will be the same as Band 2/3.

Band 2/3 — Members of this ensemble will wear an all-black uniform. This includes Black Dress Shoes, Long Black Socks, Black Dress Pants or a Long Black skirt, and a Black Button-down Dress Shirt.

Solo and Ensemble — For those students who choose to participate in this festival should wear Sunday attire. (Ties for the guys and dresses/nice pants/blouse for the ladies)


**Band Polos will be ordered in late September for those in need of one**

Supply List by Instrument:

**All students will need a pencil, highlighter, binder dividers, and a 1-inch black binder for class everyday.**

Flute -

  • Their instrument (Yamaha, Geimienhardt, or Emerson are strongly recommended brands)

  • Cleaning Rod 

  • a thin cloth to clean the inside of their instrument 

  • a cleaning cloth to wipe the outer side of their instrument.

Oboe/Bassoon -

  • Their instruments (Yamaha and Fox are recommended brands. The school can provide bassoons)

  • 3 good reeds at all times

  • a reed case to protect the reeds

  • a swab

Clarinet/Saxophone -

  • Their instrument (Yamaha or Selmer are recommended for Saxophones/ Yamaha or Buffet are recommended for Clarinets)

  • Mouthpiece (This is a required purchase for $30. Students can purchase this from the band room)

  • Four good reeds at all times

  • swab

  • cork grease

  • neck strap

Trumpet/French Horn/Trombone/Baritone/Tuba -

  • Their instrument

    • Trumpet/Trombone recommended brands are Yamaha, Holton, or Bach​

    • French Horn recommended brands are Yamaha or Holton. (Double Horns only. Please do not purchase a single horn!)

    • Baritone/Tuba recommended brands are Yamaha, Besson, or Eastman.

  • Mouthpieces for ask for: (I have these if you cannot find them)

    • Trumpet - 3C​

    • French Horn - Bach 11

    • Trombone/Baritone - Yamaha 51 or Bach 6 1/2 AL

    • Tuba - Helieburg

  • Valve Oil

  • Tuning Slide Grease

  • TROMBONE ONLY: Slide Cream and a small spray bottle

  • Cleaning rag for the instrument

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