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Join the Band!

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Lake Butler Band Logo_Final (1).jpeg


  • Learn to play a new instrument!

  • Make new friends instantly!

  • Go on cool field trips!

  • Participate in fun social events!

  • Meet and play with the HS Marching Band!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is band?

Band is an elective class offered at LBMS during the normal school day that teaches you how to play an instrument of your choice. We meet every day for a year to gear up towards performing for our friends, family, and community members at concerts!

What if I don't know how to play an instrument?​​

That's okay! That's why you take band :) During the first week of school we will go through an instrument selection process together to help you figure out what instrument you are most excited about.

Can I do band and sports?

ABSOLUTELY!! Our program includes members of the football team, cheerleading team, track and field, and many more! Rarely is there ever a conflict between band and a sports team, if there is , Mr. Switanek will help you fix it.

How do I sign up for band?

You should have received information from Mr. Thompson about how to sign up for classes next year. If so, go through that process and select Band 1 as your top elective choice. If you are having trouble with that process, email Mr. Switanek and he'll get you signed up:

Is it too late to sign up for Band?

No. If you've already sent in your schedule request for next year but you want to change it, it's not too late! Email Mr. Switanek at We want you in band and will try to a way to make that happen for you! 

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